What is Managed Online Data Backup?

November 10, 2018

Managed Online Data Backup Indianapolis

Each year, many businesses and people lose data as a result of hard drive crashes, system failures, or user error. Due to the unpredictable nature of the loss of data, the best defense against the loss of critical info is to back up the files regularly and store it elsewhere.

There are very many different methods of storing data, and the best option is the use of remote or managed online data backup service. Many online services will store your data for a reasonable amount.

Managed online data backup from INDIANAPOLIS DATA RECOVERY is controlling by software that can place on the computer and stores your files on a remote server. The files is sending through an internet connection to ensure the integrity and safety of the data.

After downloading the software, you will get the chance of customizing your options through the installation wizard. It is your choice to back-up the file on the computer or selects particular folders. This software monitors the files and backs them up.

Features of Online Data Backup

Below are some features that are common to many online data backup services;

Data Encryption

Before sending sensitive info or data over the internet, they need to undergo encryption to prevent them against hackers or thieves. Companies that doing online data storage like INDIANAPOLIS DATA RECOVERY can store your data in a state that is encrypted for it to be unreadable even when someone was to access it. You should utilize your encryption key and keep it private to prevent the leakage of data.

Continuous Data Protection

Managed online data backup from INDIANAPOLIS DATA RECOVERY can continuously back up your data according to the set times. For many users, putting in place a schedule that is purposely like once daily at specific times is enough for protecting you against permanent loss of data.

File-by-File Restore

This aspect allows you to restore your files minus the assistance of the service provider, as long as the folder and name of the file you would like to restore is known to you. In other cases, it is possible to search for files on the computer by date, name, or any other criteria.

Multiple versioning

Many services will allow multiple versions of a similar file. For instance, if you have a database of a file that you regularly update. You can get back and see how the past versions seemed like at a particular time and date.


Redundancy is allowing for more than one copy of data to put in diverse places. The redundancy reduces the chances of losing data from your backup.

Network and server backup

A lot of services give you a chance to different backup computers on a backup or network server. This is vital for businesses that possess extensive data amounts spreading across different computers.

Backup Management Services

Some services like INDIANAPOLIS DATA RECOVERY offer assistance to customers for things like continuous monitoring, initial configuration, and recovery, restoration, and failure alerts.

Permanent storage

Other providers store data while maintaining your subscription. Others save it for some time. Either way, you need to make sure you understand the terms of the contract before signing anything for not to be caught by surprise.  

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