What is Hard Drive Failure?

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November 10, 2018

Hard Drive Failure Indianapolis

Disks, hard drives, and magnetic storage media are the most common in the market. They provide increased storage for the needs of computers in the market like storage for videos, pictures, and audio files. Adhering to similar physical size and footprint initially designed. They also have continued to grow massively to the current 1TB for the hard drive, within a short period.

Moore’s law continues to predict that CPUS speed pace will continue doubling every eighteen months but there has been to such law for hard disk drives. All of the extra capacity for storage is welcome for users of computers. However, there is a tradeoff with the increasing capacities of storage and longevity of media, and the ultimate reliability of media that is holding all crucial data.

Spinning magnetic media of storage are prone to areas of weakness. Some of them are inherent the internal design and structure, but other points of failure are external. The technology of hard drives bears the basis of the electromechanical design with platters of spinning made of ceramics or glass then coasted through the sputtering process. This layer gets decoded and encoded through the head stack assembly that operates to repeatable and precise accuracy; A modern hard drive will function to less than one micron.

Major internal issues that are instrumental in hard drive failure and data loss are power cycling, heat, and head crash.

Head crash

This happens when the head assembly contacts one area of surface media that is not made to. Some of the technology may get exacerbated when the head is suffering from oxides or damage or other contaminants within the enclosure of the disk. Symptoms of the head crash manifest through unusual noise like clunking, scratching, ticking, and clicking. Some technology of hard drives gives permission for the head to land on internal portions of the media. The media has to be immediately switched off to enable the possibility of doing data recovery. Areal bits and density per inch have squeezed technology such that they make sure that the tolerance of media is precise.


The ambient computer system temperature and the hard drive are also a concern for data longevity and integrity. A simple hard drive cooling fan can save you from loss of data as the media both externally and internally are prone to heat failure.

Power cycling

Power cycling to the hard drive may result in hard drive failure and can get eliminated through a reputable UPS system.

There is nothing as frustrating than the loss of vital data and documents that you would spend a lot of time creating. In case you suffer of a loss, then you know the way it feels. The best way of preventing the loss of data from taking place is by being ready for it. Therefore, backing you crucial data up on an external drive or DVD, using the uninterrupted UPS unit. You should put it in place fans of hard drive cooling are crucial actions that save a lot of headaches.

During an emergency

If you find yourself in a situation where the hard drive has failed, and you are not able to recover data, professional services of data recovery from Indianapolis Data Recovery will help you get back your valuable data. These services are affordable for the data you want to recover. Additionally, they charge you after being successful in retrieving the data.  

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