What are Boot Volume Errors?

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November 10, 2018

Boot Volume Errors Data Recovery Indianapolis 

Boot volume errors indicate that the operating system cannot boot from the hard drive of the system. In case the issue is not resolved immediately, there is the possibility of experiencing permanent data loss. For this error to occur, there are three reasons.

The most probable reason for boot volume error could be due to the upgrade of the system to Windows XP. You can fix this error with the assistance of the recovery console of Windows XP, which is available in the disk of installation. To start with, shut the computer down and then restart it by putting in the installation disk of Windows XP.

After getting the welcome setup screen, you can then press the ‘R’ button on the keyboard to go to the recovery console and the DOS prompt. Enter the password of administration if it got defined. You can then type ‘chkdsk/p’ in the command prompt and then press enter. The utility screen will get launched to scan for the errors while doing this.

After completing the scan, you can then type in ‘fixboot’ in the command prompt and then press enter. This will trigger the start of boot volume errors data recovery and recover all corrupted boot files. When it gets the prompt to write a new sector for booting to drive C, press Y and type exit in the command prompt to restart the computer. The issues of boot volume errors should get fixed.

Other Reason:

The other reason for the same error could be because you are using a wire with standard measurements of 40 in the place of the 80-wire cable in the cases where you PC utilizes UDMA hard disk controller. Replacement of this connector and rebooting the computer will fix this issue.

The other factor you need to check while making boot volume errors data recovery is the configuration of the BIOS. Check to ascertain it has the configuration to fast UDMA modes and if that is the case, restart the computer and then load default settings of ‘fail-safe’ by entering BIOS as per the directions. Restart the computer after this set and the errors should be fixed.

To fix boot volume errors and many more others, safe, easy, and fast methods will help you get a clean toolkit. There are many comparisons in the registry cleaner to check out.

Other efficient and good data recovery packages from Indianapolis Data Recovery are available and for other applications also.

Boot volume errors data recovery tool bear the design of meeting different needs in recovering data and files irrespective of the basic cause leading to loss of info and data on the hard disc.

Such appealing and interesting features of the boot volume error recovery include;

  • Full recovery of the formatted hard disk info
  • Access to not acknowledged, unrecognized, and unseen lost partitions
  • Repair damaged data volumes by virus attacks
  • Recover deleted files not available or seen in the recycle bin
  • Undelete deleted and missing data and files
  • Unformat the partition to recover data from an accidental format
  • Function and relate with the unbootable unit/system

Among other beneficial and useful functions and features are necessary for total and complete hard disk recovery.  

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