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November 9, 2018

Indianapolis Data Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery

At Indianapolis Data Recovery, we have been handling data recovery for our customers in many ways. We have been in this business for years, and our commitment to making sure that you have gotten your data back is our driving force. There are so many aspects that make us be on top of the list in the business. They include;


Indianapolis has the employees who are very professional in handling your queries. We treat each case with the urgency that it comes with. Our technicians are professionals in the data recovery industry, and all employees handle your hard drives with professionalism. Our team has been doing this for long to give you the best results and make sure that the information your company lost is achieved. Professionalism is what keeps us on top of the industry because we give you the best.


Our costs of doing data recovery are not excessive. We only charge after successful recovery of data. The price of the tools we use is also affordable to all our customers. Data recovery is an expensive procedure, but we know that data is significant for your business. For that reason, we make sure that we make the cost affordable to you so that you do not make losses due to lost data.

Turn-around time

We have the best record of handling lost data on hard drives of customers. We schedule the hard drives according to the way they come in. Indianapolis Data Recovery work by first-in-first-out so that your hard drive does not stay for too long in our labs before it is worked on. Our team does not delay in recovering data so that you are not anxious about getting your crucial data back. We make sure that you get back your data on time.


Integrity governs the rules we use to do data recovery. We recover sensitive and confidential data for firms and businesses. Our team also make sure that no one else gains access to your crucial data. We promise to be very secret and employ the utmost integrity in the way we handle your data. Our team will keep everything discreet, and you and the technicians will only see your data. We do not hold a copy of the data we recover.

When you decide to choose us, you are sure that we will deliver the service you are seeking. Below are the services that we will offer you when it comes to data recovery. We are gurus at this and this reasons enough for you to give us business.

Data Recovery

We have so many data recovery tools that we use during the process of recovering files. When you experience our service, you will realize that this is not marketing but about the real deal of recovering files. We want to assure you that after erasing your files by accident and thinking that all is gone. Moreover, we want you to know that there are so many data recovery tools to give you back the precious gem that is lost.

If you have been through the experience necessitating the use of data recovery tools, then you should have known that having a backup system is crucial for every business. However, if this is the first time, then you will have to spend a few minutes understanding what is happening. There are so many recovery tools in the market that can leave you in a dilemma when doing data recovery. Choosing the right tool for your application is hard. We have the right software that we apply for each application. In addition, our technicians will work on your hard drives to make sure that we have the right software for your use.

Hard Drive Recovery

If you have a computer, it is good to know that you can get your data recovered when you lose it. Even though you may be taking the necessary precautions to avoid failure of hard drives, a day always comes when you have to face it. The first thing we promise you is that we have the right hard drive recovery tools. There are many software options, and we start by choosing the right tools for retrieving lost data. We have tools that help in recovering the data that is lost.

We know that free data recovery tools cannot give you the best results. For that reason, we employ professional tools to make sure that you have all your data when attempting hard drive recovery. We understand that it is hard to distinguish products that do hard disk recovery. The main reason is that products that are on the lower end claim to produce premium results. They can work well in some instances, but they may ultimately lose the data you are trying to recover. Our technicians have the right tools for you, and you will leave our premises smiling at the way we handle our work.

External Drive Recovery

The demand for external drives has been very high since their introduction in the market. We know that compatibility is not the only aspect that increases their popularity but also the access speed that has attracted clients. Even though the tools were initially used as mediums of storage for storing files like movies and songs, or for backup, you need to know that they are more than plain storage media. Many users use external drives to do many tasks, and when they fail, they necessitate external drive recovery.

Even though these drives are not similar to fixed hard drives. Both of them are similar except that they have USB casing to enable them connected with the help of the USB cable. Since they are the same, the encountered issues are the same and we are here to handle external drive recovery for you. The chances of data loss are high due to physical abuse in this case. You need to treat physical data loss more earnestly than logical data loss. We understand that external drives have storage media parts that are fragile and damages could lead to permanent loss of data on the hard disk.

Hard Drive Failure

Spinning hard drives are prone to weakness areas, and some of them are inherent to the internal design and structure, but others are external. The technology of hard drives is created by electromechanical design with the splatters made of an alloy of ceramics and glass and then coasted through the process of sputtering. The layer gets decoded and encoded via head stack assembly operating at a reputable and precise accuracy. We handle issues coming from both internal and external causes of hard drive failure. At Indianapolis Data Recovery, we have your back regardless of what happens to your hard disk.

Forensic Data Recovery

Our team understands that forensic recovery is not something to put off especially when it comes to looking for incriminating evidence. Even though we can help you recover lost email and data, there are ways that people use to delete data permanently. Also, we know that files can get overwritten or corrupted and that can lead to losing crucial evidence. We have qualified personnel to help you with forensic data recovery at Indianapolis data recovery. We have all the requirements when it comes to equipment for handling data recovery. The chain we use to recover the data will help in determining the validity of data.

Sensitive Data Scanning

Everybody that needs storing data on the computer understands that the flash disk and external hard drive are great for handling data. Nevertheless, handling these devices has brought about many security shortcomings. We have different developments when it comes to sensitive data scanning at Indianapolis Data Recovery in the form of password protection, antivirus features, and encryption to bring new levels concerning peace for users of the drives. We can help you carry out scans on your system and make you enjoy benefits that come with maximum security regardless of your system. Our team promise to give your drive back to you without infection even when you decide to use it on other machines.

Indianapolis Data Recovery will also add another protection layer of an antivirus. We will give the flash disk and drive sensitive data scanning immediately it gets plugged to the system so that you are safe from external attacks. You will rest assured that new viruses will bypass your system and encrypted drives will not infect the computer and damage your files. We will make sure that you are on the safe side of virus attacks.

Managed Online Data Backup

Many businesses and people lose data each year due to errors of the user, hard drive crashes, and system failures. As a result of the unpredicted natures of the loss of data, the best defense we give you for the loss of your critical data is backing up data regularly and storing it somewhere else. There a lot of ways of storing data but the one we recommend for you is the remote or managed online backup. A lot of online services will give you storage at high prices, but we provide the best service at an affordable price.

Managed online data backup we offer at Indianapolis Data Recovery is software directed and stores all your data on remote servers. The file will get transferred over the internet to make sure that the integrity and safety of the data are retained. We will give you the software and train you on ways of using the wizard. You can create folders for saving your information and back them up when they get changed or when new ones are created.

Boot Volume Errors Data Recovery

We do boot volume errors data recovery when you bring to us your system that is not booting from the hard drive. If you do not resolve this issue immediately, you may end up experiencing permanent loss of data. We know several reasons that cause the data to get lost, and our technicians have what it takes to handle the issue at hand. The primary source of this issue is when you have upgraded your system to the most current one in the market. Our technicians will use the recovery console of Windows XP available on the installation disk. We have the experience of handling this, and your system will be back to great running ways.  

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